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LE-196R Java
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T-MT: Tweezers

T-MT: Tweezers

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Product Code: Tweezers
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Price: $100.00
Ex Tax: $100.00

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* Maruko Tweezers:

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These tweezers exhibit beautiful craftsmanship, have a smooth profile and feel great in the hand. The flat tips are better for smashing and cooling the glass when trimming allowing for more work before sticking. The beak tips are great for grabbing and pulling with authority, the fine tips do heat up faster and will stick quicker to the glass if not cooled properly. 

Item Description Blade Length (MM) Price
M-TW-Soft (P) Beak Piccolo (Very Small) 7" 185 $100.00
M-TW-Soft (P) Flat Piccolo (Very Small) 7" 185 $100.00
M-TW-Soft (S) Beak Small, Soft, Beak tip, 9" 225 $120.00
M-TW-Soft (S) Flat Small, Soft, Flat tip, 9" 225 $120.00
M-TW-Hard (M) Beak Medium, Hard, Beak tip, 11" 275 $130.00
M-TW-Soft (M) Beak Medium, Soft, Beak tip, 11" 275 $130.00
M-TW-Soft (M) Flat Medium, Soft, Flat tip, 11" 275 $130.00
M-TW-Soft (L) Beak Large, Soft, Beak tip, 13" 340 $170.00
M-TW-Soft (L) Flat Large, Soft, Flat tip, 13" 340 $170.00


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