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T-L-Better Blocks

T-L-Better Blocks

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T-L-Better Blocks T-L-Better Blocks T-L-Better Blocks T-L-Better Blocks T-L-Better Blocks T-L-Better Blocks T-L-Better Blocks
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Better Design, Better Wood, Better Handles, Way Better Value

TYPES: Oval, Round, Hybrid (Discontinued HYBRID)

Due to demand, blocks may take 1-2 weeks to ship.

Why Better Blocks are Better!!!

They feel great in the hand, because they are balanced, they look beautiful, and last longer than traditional glass blocks.  Thanks to a proprietary wood stabilization and hardening processes and a special wood, Madrona, these blocks are guaranteed to last longer than fruit wood blocks, wood is locally sourced, and sustainable.


Ergonomically balanced handles, give you more control and less fatigue, a balanced tool is a lighter tool. There is no going back after you have used these blocks.  Yes, they cost a little more, but only on the first purchase when you get the handle and head,  but after that, you only pay for the block head.

  • Forever Handles, keep the handle replace the head
  • Color Coded Shrink-wrap grip, more control, no more slimy handles 
  • Hardwood, soaked in oil for a week, these will last
  • Mechanically connected-they don't break off. 

* More Information on Leviathan Glassworks Tools and the Manufacturers Guarantee can be found on the bottom of the page under Information & Policies.

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