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Casting - Instructions for Casting Uranium #338

Uranium green is a different glass base to the rest of our lead crystal casting range. It is a lead-free glass that is thermally compatible with our blowing range of colours. Specially formulated to be very resistant to devitrification, it will need higher temperatures to flow into molds and anneal than the lead crystal colours.

We recommend firing at 840-860oC (1545-1580oF) and annealing at 480oC (895oF).


Linear expansion coefficient (α):96x10-7(20-300oC)
Density: 2.5g/cc (Or 1.445 ounces/cubic inch or 2.608 ounces/US fluid ounce).
Casting temperature (Recommended): 840-860oC (1545-1580oF)
Annealing temperature (tg): 480oC (895oF)
Strain point: 440oC (825oF)

Glass weight equals approximately 2.9 times the wax weight.

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