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Blowing - Quality Control

Gaffer Glass is a company very committed to ensure that colored glass of the highest standard is delivered to our customers worldwide.

We start with a careful selection of the purest raw materials, which are weighed into a mixer located on load/weighing cells to guard against weighing error. After thorough mixing, the batch is melted in the highest-grade refractories, according to carefully reproduced melt parameters.

Time/temperature and exactly measured redox conditions, ensures that each colour shade is very accurately replicated. All melts are fully homogenised. During working out, bubbles are blown regularly to inspect for cord, seed and stones. Further scrutiny of opaque and densely coloured rods follows, utilising ultrasound inclusion technology. Concurrent tests are run for compatibility (See below).

We believe we offer the most comprehensively tested, and consequently, the best quality glass for glass blowers and glass casters on the market. We can’t promise perfection, but we are working on it.

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